Bridal Makeup Tips And Tricks You Just Can't Miss!

Bridal Makeup Tips and Tricks you Just Can’t Miss!

Your fairy-tale wedding day look has been your dream since teenage. But it takes effort to get it all perfect… Discover our top 5 Fav Bridal Makeup Tips and Tricks every girl MUST know! 

You already know that the perfectly glowing Indian bride doesn’t happen by chance! So here are the top bridal makeup tips and tricks to help you keep it glowing – just like you’ve always imagined…

Prep up Your Skin!

Makeup Tips for brides

The Gorgeous Indian Bride!

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The most important ingredient of your flawless glowing bride look is… healthy flawless skin! And there are no shortcuts here… so start months ahead with those healthy greens, fresh fruits and chuck out those fried nasties from your diet.

 makeup tips

Beauty Basics!

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Why? Not only does make-up sit better on smooth and hydrated skin, those occasions where you go sans makeup (think “haldi” ceremony) get taken care of too!

Zero Makeup Tip – Get your eyebrows done at your regular place (a week before the D day) – for those perfectly mystic bride eyes.

Get your Basics Right!

Bridal Makeup Tips

That Glow comes from LOVE… and Makeup! 😉

Picture Courtesy: Riya Bansal

Everything rests on a strong foundation… including your make-up! I know you already know, but since you might be investing in a new (water-proof) foundation – I can’t but repeat – it’s all about covering your blemishes and achieving the perfectly toned skin. NOT about achieving a lighter skin tone!

Makeup Artist

Flawless Glow!

Picture Courtesy: Princy Makeup Artist

So ladies, be comfortable in your skin, and get the accurate shade and brand that you must try for at least 2-3 months before your wedding day (we don’t want any unhappy surprises!)

Makeup Tips – On your D Day – use a gel foundation for its staying power!

Bridal Makeup Tips – Go Waterproof!

bridal makeup tips for your eyes

Beauty Lies in Those Eyes!

Picture Courtesy: Rajesh Arya Photography

No matter how much of a bridechilla you are, be prepared to shed some tears! And you can’t ignore the threat of sweat under those strong harsh lights. So of course, everything has to be waterproof and smudge-proof! Right from your foundation to the last coat of mascara.

bridal makeup


 Picture Courtesy: jsk photos

If your current makeup stash isn’t waterproof – invest in some new stuff that is. And do this months before the wedding day so you have time to try them all out.

Eye Makeup Tips – Don’t use glittery eye-liners, not very photogenic! And no matter how much you love your kajal pencil – on the D day it is nothing but liquid eyeliner.

The Must Do for Every Bride – Makeup Trial!

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Picture Courtesy: Kinjal Makeovers

Most make-up artists and hair stylists provide trial sessions for bridal makeup. Go ahead, and get yours done – and be 100% sure which look brings out the best in you! Also, ask your make-up artists about the brands she’s using on your skin, and if they’re not your regular brands – a trial will help you avoid any breakouts or blemishes on your wedding day.

Makeup Trial Tips – Click your makeup trial pictures & note down the shades used!

Bridal Makeup Tips for The Perfect Pout!

bridal makeup

Pretty Pout!

PIcture Courtesy : bhumiandsimran 

Your lips must be neither too bold nor too bland – they have to be just perfect! While the usual wedding colours are reds, pinks and corals, you must match the shade with your outfit. And lip-liners are a must. Don’t be afraid to try nude shades if they suit your skin and face!

The Pop Pout Trick –Peel Off Lip Stains are the latest thing. Just apply-dry-peel-off and you’re good to go. They lasts super long too – but be sure to try it before so you know you like the look!

In Short…

bridal makeup


Picture Courtesy: Oragraphy

These aside, rest well – late night fun can eat into your beauty sleep. And don’t panic – even if something goes wrong, you can always fix it (just keep your favourite top-up makeup stash & your BFF nearby)!

With these bridal makeup tips and tricks – you’re good to go! If any of you have a secret lifesaver makeup tip or trick – do share with us!

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