Bridal Lehenga Love – Must Have Poses & Clicks for your Wedding Album!

Indian Bridal Lehenga Shots

Big day on the way? Check out these exquisite ways to capture your lovely Bridal lehenga in all its elegance and glory! 

You’ve dream’t of your wedding lehenga for months… spending hours window shopping, looking for ideas and finally selecting the one! You simply can’t miss clicking some fabulous pictures of this breathtaking beauty… here’s how

Bridal Lehenga Love – The Bridal Portrait Shot!

Indian Bridal Lehenga Shots
Oooh That Glittery Golden Bride!

Picture Courtesy: SalwaPhoto Wedding Photography

Is the bridal portrait a question? No, of course not! Every bride wants a classic portrait shot. So get one where you capture your stunning Bridal Lehenga in all its finery  😍

Indian Bridal Lehenga Shots
Sitting Pretty in my Fuschia!

Picture Courtesy: SZ Photo & Films

Forget everything else and get all prim and poised for this classic click.

The ‘Here She Comes’ Shot!

The Glow that Glue Her

Picture Courtesy: the wedding crasher

When everyone is holding their breath to catch a glimpse of you, your photographer must grab an enviable position to capture you in your stunning wedding lehenga at this most awaited moment!

Indian Bridal Lehenga Shots
The Glowing Bride in the Floral Carriage

Picture Courtesy: Rajesh Digital

Under that phoolan ki chaadar, in that fabulous doli or carriage, or with fireworks bursting everywhere… there are always fabulous ideas for a Beautiful Bride Entry. And capturing these special moments perfectly is a must do!

That Getting Ready Shot!

Indian Bridal Lehenga Shots
Perfection for her Prince Charming!

Picture Courtesy: Gautam Khullar Photography

What’s more candid than those priceless ‘butterflies in tummy’ getting ready moments! Shots that capture all that nervous chatter, girly jokes, candid reactions and fun-filled moments in your wedding diary with your lovely lehenga among it all.

Bridal Lehenga
Sexy me in Lovely that!

Picture Courtesy: ShutterDown

Or a fun click in between getting dolled up… imagine yourself in that lovely lehenga!  😍

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The ‘Soooo Excited about my Dream Lehenga’ shot!

Indian Bridal Lehenga Shots
The Crazy Excited Bride

Picture Courtesy: Mémoire

You’ve dreamt, researched and hunted for months for your perfect wedding lehenga. And you’re sooooo excited to get in it that it’s an emotion worth capturing!

Indian Bridal Lehenga Shots
Me and my Fairytale Lehenga!

Picture Courtesy: Dipak Studios

For more Wedding Photography Ideas & Poses – check our blog Must Have Couple Poses for your Wedding Album!

Capturing those Intricate Details of your Lehenga!

Bridal Lehenga Shots
The Elegant Threads

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Salad

Your bridal lehenga has intricate karigari and sky high creativity that’s awe-inspiring!

Bridal Lehenga Shots
The Royal Close up!

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Story

Every Bridal Lehenga has a story and tons of emotions attached. Get a close up shot of your lehenga done to capture all its intricate beauty and save it forever!

Fine Leg Shot!

Indian Bridal Lehenga Shots
Leggy beauty & Lehenga Shot!

Picture Courtesy: The Story Weavers

Why not show off those perfectly pedicured feet from under your exquisite Lehenga! 😎

Indian Bridal Lehenga Shots
Tip toeing around!

Picture Courtesy: Frames’n’Films

The perfect wedding photographer must be ready to catch those peek-a-boo glimpses between your mehendi feet and lehenga for mysteriously mesmerizing shots! 👌

The Bride, her Besties & her Lehenga!

Indian Bridal Lehenga Shots
Besties Moment

Picture Courtesy: Studio Kelly Photography

Your wedding is complete without bridesmaids – your lifeline! 😍

Indian Bridal Lehenga Shots
Team Bride!!!

Picture Courtesy: Fotowalle

Think a fun and witty shot with your lehenga flashing your bride status among your lovely besties!

wedding lehenga poses
Me, My Bestie & our Love!

Picture Courtesy: @dikshavohra & Aakriti Rana

Twirl & Swirl Away!

wedding lehenga poses
Twirling Away!

Picture Courtesy: @houseofosmanghani, lehenga by @manishmalhotra05

Twirl, because nothing shows off your emotions today like a classic twirl…

Indian Bridal Lehenga Shots
That happy glow!

Picture Courtesy: P16Studios

And twirl, because nothing shows off your beautiful lehenga like a classic twirl click! 😘👌

In His Arms!

Indian Bridal Lehenga Shots
Tenu Leke Main Jawanga!

Picture Courtesy: KnotsbyAMP

Every girl’s dream moment, it shows off your love… and your lovely lehenga!

Indian Bridal Lehenga Shots
Let’s go!

Picture Courtesy: Navdeep Soni Photography

Pet Love!

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Twinning with your pet in your bridal lehenga – the ultimate idea for all the pet lovers!

Indian Bridal Lehenga Shots
Best Love!

Picture Courtesy: The Story Weavers

If you have a pet, do not miss this cuddly shot right after you get dolled up!

That Aerial Shot!

Indian Bridal Lehenga Shots
Look Up & Say Cheeze!

Picture Courtesy: Golden Shutter by Harsha Reddy

Oh, with drone photography in the place, no bride can miss this top shot!

Indian Bridal Lehenga Shots
The Blissful Bride

Picture Courtesy: Artfoto Studios

Look up, smile and twirl away to flaunt your complete lehenga look perfectly!

The Cheeky Show-Off!

wedding lehenga poses
Pretty Lehenga. Perfect Pose!

Picture Courtesy: The Photo Diary

Yes, you wanna show off your wedding lehenga in whatever tongue in cheek way possible! Bring out the ‘drama queen’ and go pose!

Indian Bridal Lehenga Shots
The Funny Excited Bride

Picture Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

These are all the inspiration you need to get your photographer go click, click, click with your pretty lehenga in every possible frame! Which is your favourite shot? Let us know in comments below…

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