Bridal Checklist-10 Easy Breezy Ways to overcome that Nervous Bride Feeling!

Bridal Checklist

About to get married but having last minute jitters? Or random nervous thoughts are crossing your mind just when you hit the bed! This bridal checklist right here is what you need…

Worry not girl, we’ve got your back! Here are ten tried and tested ways for you to get over that butterflies-in-tummy feeling…

Bridal Checklist #1- Girl Power!

Bridal Checklist
Me & My Girls!

Picture Courtesy: SNF Studio

Getting away from the usual work-shopping-trials routine helps rejuvenate your mind and soul. Take frequent (read weekly) breaks with your girl gang to let go and recharge your nerves!

Bridal Checklist
The Party is On

Picture Courtesy: iona_dsz

Or better still, go for a short getaway with your gang if you can! Beaches, hills, hikes or spa resorts – choose your destination and go hit it. There’s a reason why bachelorette trips are the new rule among brides-to-be!

#2 Eat Healthy – Drink Plenty! 

Bridal Checklist
But First my Grapes

Picture Courtesy: design_aqua_studio

Taking care of your diet is the most important way to keep yourself happy and energized. We can’t over-emphasize the importance of fruits, vegetables and fluids in your diet! Always carry a bottle of detox water in your bag – remember, staying hydrated not just keeps you healthy, but makes sure that glow is real too.

Bridal Checklist
Cos Chocolate is Love

Picture Courtesy: abhisakshi_photography

While we don’t advice binge eating chocolate, do keep a stash handy on D-day to keep yourself awake and perky through all those (sometimes booooooring) rituals!

Looking for Diet Ideas? Check out this Bridal diet chart and nutrition guide to get you sorted!

A Super Bride Diet Chart & Nutrition Guide to look Glam.. without losing the Glow!

#3 Dance it away!

Bridal Checklist
Dancing her way

Picture Courtesy: camcatches

Hey! Hey! Keep those dancing shoes on! Dance can be therapeutic and burn those calories – so dance your heart out whenever you get the time!

Bridal Checklist
The Runaway Bride

Picture Courtesy: aknottytale

But if you’ve got two left feet and you’re wondering why even try, its even more important that you enroll yourself in a fast track dance tutorial class before your wedding date approaches. After all, its your wedding and knowing how to shake it right is going to pay off at many a moments!

#4 Visualise your D-Day

Bridal Checklist
Butterflies in the tummy

Picture Courtesy: red_veds

We know, you’ve dreamt about your wedding day a thousand times! But it helps to talk it out and visualise it with a friend, and make a note of things that are important to you.

Bridal Checklist
Here is my Profile

Picture Courtesy: dushyantravaldz

From your bride entry style and music, to the overall wedding decor colour scheme, from the colour of your lehenga to the mehendi vibes – just note what’s really important so you don’t miss out on these details when you go trousseau shopping or discussing things with your wedding planner!

#5 Share your Thoughts!

Bridal Checklist
When Eyes are Locked

Picture Courtesy:

There’s sooooo much going on in your head before the wedding day. Sharing it with people around you (only your besties and people who can help please!) is surely going lower your burden.

Bridal Checklist
You are a beautiful place!

Picture Courtesy: dushyantravaldz

Sharing those jittery feelings with someone close often helps get over them. If you’re under too much workload, share your burden! Assign tasks to your team bride and make them responsible to get stuff done – from last-minute collections to reminder phone calls to sending e-invites. After all, that’s what they’re there for!

#6 Spend Time with Family

Bridal Checklist

Picture Courtesy: diipakhosla

Spending quality time with your family is something that you’re going to miss the most after your wedding! Be it your mom, dad, siblings or pet – these precious moments spent days before your wedding are always going to be close to your heart.

Bridal Checklist
The Apple of their Eye

Picture Courtesy: Dipak Studios

So get over the li’l fights and bickering (siblings duh!!) And go out for walks, dinners, watch a movie together. If nothing, then just sitting together and sipping your favourite cuppa is sometimes enough is to unwind and relax.

#7 Spa Day

Bridal Checklist

Picture Courtesy: aromathaispakw

Did someone say Spa Day? Oh boy!! This sure is the most relaxing way to overcome allllkkl the nervousness you are feeling. A spa session that pampers your body is always a win-win.

Bridal Checklist
Mesmerizing Lights

Picture Courtesy: bruisedpassports

Not able to go out to a spa? Light some scented candles, switch on your favourite music and dip yourself in that warm fuzzy bubbly bathtub to just relaxx!

#8 Do what you Love!

Bridal Checklist
The Sassy Bride

Picture Courtesy: delhivelvet

Spend some time unwinding and doing whatever you love! Reading, swimming, gymming, painting or window shopping – you know what’s your de-stress thing – so take some time out and just do it!

Bridal Checklist
Flying High in Love

Picture Courtesy: Amrit Photography

But sometimes, we’re just bored with the usual. Why not enroll yourself to some interesting single session workshop – a pottery session? Some gardening? Attend a musical soiree? Try something that’ll relax your body and mind and make you happy.

#9 Positive Vibes!

Bridal Checklist
Blooming Beauty

Picture Courtesy: knottingbells

Surround yourself with positivity, positive people, positive movies, positive books! The more you are around positive thoughts, the more relaxed you’ll be.

Bridal Checklist

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Salad

Most importantly, make sure you’re not overworked and getting enough sleep. Try some meditation or yoga to relax your body and senses and get, set go to conquer your new world!

#10 Last, (but the best) – Meet HIM!

Didn’t we catch a smile there 😉 Of course, the most effective way to keep those nervous vibes away is looking eye-to-eye at HIM!

Meet your would-be, hold those hands and let all the nervous thoughts wash away!

Bridal Checklist
An Intimate Affair

Picture Courtesy: Amrit Photography

Aren’t these tried and tested ways from our bridal checklist great to overcome your nervous bride feeling? Try these out and pass on the knowledge to your besties!

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