Luckiest Wedding Dates 2020 – Your go-to Guide for the Luckiest Shaadi Dates!

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020

Planning your wedding and don’t know where to start? Of course, finalize your date first with our handpicked Luckiest Wedding Dates 2020!

Our ready reckoner of the luckiest Wedding Dates 2020 also gives you added info about extended weekends, holidays and best destination options.. So get started Now!

While the oldies are busy visiting the pandit ji 😉, you can sit back and check out the luckiest muhurats next year with our handpicked dates.

Luckiest Wedding dates 2020 – Get set go with January!

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020
Shubh Aarambh

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The first set of dates 15th to 18th January, will mark your new beginning with peace and prosperity, as it is Makar Sankranti on the 15th. The dates start on a Wednesday and go on till the weekend – so these are ideal for working professionals as well as couples who have lots of guests travelling from outside locations.

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020
Swag Wali Bride

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Since the weather is nice and pleasant in coastal areas, it’s an ideal time for destination weddings and beach weddings. You can have more outdoor functions and wear heavy outfits without worrying about sweating!

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020
Sun, Sand & Shaadi

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The last set of dates in January are 20th, 22nd, 29th,30th and 31st – of which 20th is a Monday and 31st a Friday – so we’d prefer these dates over the others as you get to spread your functions over the weekends. While 26th Jan 2020 is a Sunday (a holiday wasted!), if you’re from Bengal, then 23rd is also a holiday so 22nd would be a decent date to take advantage of those office leaves.

Indian Bride
Happy Glowy Mornings

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Among others, 29th is a Wednesday, but its actually Vasant Panchami and quite an auspicious date to get married. So, if you can extend your revelries onto the weekend, it could turn out to be an excellent choice!

Feel Good February!

The first shubh muhurat is 3rd Feb (Monday yay!!!) and then there’s 9th to 12th Feb which are Sunday to Wednesday. As winter is towards it’s last leg, if you are planning a beach wedding – pick these dates. For later dates it is better to head for the hills or choose a palace wedding in Rajasthan or Hyderabad.

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020
Naturally Yours!

Picture Courtesy: Ami video and photo

Indian Wedding Blog
Shine on

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The next date is 16th which is a Sunday, so the functions can start from Valentines Day and gear up to the grand wedding on Sunday! The next auspicious date 18th Feb – a top pick for people in Maharasthra as the next day is Shivaji Jayanti (hence a holiday!)

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The last set of dates are 25th to 27th which are best for you if you’re opting for an open air ‘in-town” wedding as it marks the end of pleasant weather almost all across the country 🙁 You can still opt for morning weddings, and wear your choice of refreshing pastel hues!

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020
It’s Pouring Love

Picture Courtesy: Amrit Photography

Looking for the Best Wedding Destinations in India? We’ve got your Back!

Top Wedding Destinations in India to get hitched-Decoded!

March Madness!

This year March has only six Hindu wedding dates. Since it’s just the beginning of summer, weather is still perfect for your hilly destination wedding, so why not escape to places like Shimla, Manali, Mussoorie or Coorg for an intimate “I Do”!

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020
The hills are calling!

Picture Courtesy: A Knotty Tale

Holi is on 10th March so all the lucky dates in March call for a mandatory “Holi Party” clubbed with your haldi or mehendi or pool party event! We prefer the dates 2nd and 8th since they fall on a Monday and Sunday ( = extended weekend feels!), while 4th,11th and 12th March are weekdays and good for local weddings, rather than destination weddings.

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020
Lost in Time

Picture Courtesy: Amrit Photography

And its April Already!

April has only five Shubh Muhuruts which are 14th,15th, 25th and 26th. Both 25th and 26th are weekdays so if you’re planning an ‘in-town’ wedding be ready to face heavy traffic snarls and resultant delays. As it is already summer, we’d strongly suggest going for banquet functions over open spaces.

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Toast

But the weather is still not so bad for hill stations, which are neither extremely cold nor warm, so North Indians can consider wedding a wedding in the Himalyan getaways.

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020
Ride On!

Picture Courtesy: A Knotty Tale

If you’re Mumbai based, you can always choose Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala or Shillim as the rains have not yet started. Shillong and Darjeeling are good options in the East, while Ooty, Panchgani and Coorg are preferred locations down South!

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020
Cozy yet Cool

Picture Courtesy: Harleen Deol Photography

Mad Mad May!

We’d say why get married in India in May??But the pundits must be joking cos May has the most number of Wedding Dates this year! Please don’t forget it is peak summer so whatever date you choose, it must be a nice cool banquet or hill station. Keep away from silks, velvets and other heavy fabrics and go for lighter breezy fabrics like organza, nets and layered outfits whenever you can.

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020
Summer Vibes

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The first set of dates are 2nd and 4th, 5th and 6th of which we like 2nd and 4th because of the May Day holiday on Friday (that’s 1st) and the weekend.

Indian Bride
Chillin by the Pool

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The next dates 8th and 10th are again Friday and Sunday so make sure to utilize the weekend in your wedding functions.

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020
Ready to Rock

Picture Courtesy: Infinite Memories

The next shubh muhurats are 17th ,18th , 19th , 23rd and 24th – of these only 19th doesn’t allow you to utilize the weekend so we’d stay away from it. If you really must have an outdoor event in the month of May, we’ll say go for a hill station or choose an evening function at a venue with a water body like a lakeside resort and put up AC tents.

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020

Picture Courtesy: Amrit Photography

Jumping to June

This is the last month before the months of Hindu no-wedding and it has only seven days of Wedding Dates. You better book your venues on time to avoid last minute rush and no availability hassles.

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020
Shower of Blessings

Picture Courtesy: LightBucket Productions

The first date is 9th, a Tuesday and then 13th to 15th which start from a Saturday so a good set of dates for spreading out your wedding functions. The next set of dates 25th,26th and 28th start from a Thursday, so these can also give you a run up to a weekend wedding.

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020
Happy times for All

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While June is still hot, it also brings monsoon showers – so be careful about planning open air functions without a fall-back option (keep waterproof tents and banquet halls at the same venue as backup).

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020

Picture Courtesy: Hitched and Clicked

But of course, every cloud has a silver lining, so you must make the most of monsoon weddings by adding fun rain dance parties or pool side events where you can double the fun if it rains!

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No Wedding Dates in August, September, October

Like Every other year, there are no hindu wedding dates in the months of August, September and October this year either.

Finally its November!

After a three months hiatus, its finally time to sing, dance, eat and be merry! Now that there’s a chill in the air, it’s time to indulge in rich fabrics like velvet and silks and dark decadent colors that look warm and royal.

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020

Picture Courtesy: Delhi Velvet

Unfortunately, there are only two wedding dates this Novemeber, which are 25th and 30th and both of them are on weekdays – Monday and Wednesday! So our pick is obviously 25th (If you can grab your preferred venue!) cos you can use the weekend to build up to the Big day.

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020
Warm & Grand Decor

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Design Company

Dear December!

While we all love winter weddings, its going to be a mad rush as December has only five auspicious dates this year!

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020
Let the Sparks Fly

Picture Courtesy: Photographick Studios

The dates are 1st , 7th ,8th ,9th and 11th , and all are weekdays except the 11th, which is a Friday. So if you can – please grab 11th like its your sweetheart’s hand and don’t let go!

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020

Picture Courtesy: Hitched and Clicked

Don’t let the scarcity of dates put you off, b’cos if you plan ahead – that coveted wedding venue can be yours! If you are planning for a destination wedding, take inspiration from all the famous celebrity weddings of previous years, and head to grand palaces of Rajasthan or European villas 😉.

Hindu Wedding Dates 2020
Under the Starry Night

Picture Courtesy: Divya Vithika

December calls for open air events, whether its sprawling lawns or beach side extravaganzas, it lets us have a blast as the weather is perfect everywhere. Plan a lovely sun-downer or an enchanted garden function and let your guests dance into the night, under the twinkling stars and cool breezy weather.

Get ready for lots of dancing, lots of music and some over-eating as the cameras go clicking the memories you create.

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