Best Bridal Mehendi Designs you MUST SEE right Now!

Best Bridal Mehendi Designs you MUST SEE right Now!

No matter where you live or what kind of wedding you’re planning, if there’s one thing every Indian bride MUST HAVE, it’s a collection of most stunning Bridal Mehendi Designs to choose from, when the big day comes!

From traditional bridal mehendi designs to personalized love story henna to white henna to tattoo style mehndi, there’s something for every kinda bride! Watch, bookmark & share with your besties right now…

Trending Bridal Mehndi Designs – #1 Personalized Mehendi!

bridal mehendi designs

Something Unique yet Beautiful

Picture Courtesy: Henna by Maziah

There’s nothing as romantic and cute as to incorporate those special somethings you share with bae in your bridal mehendi!

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To the Chandler to your Monica!

Picture Courtesy: NS Mehendi Artist

From an ode to your favourite series, movies and books, to the places you’ve traveled together – why not let your bridal mehendi design tell your own personal story.

bridal mehendi designs

Cutesy Disney Motifs

Picture Courtesy: Queens Image Photography, Mehendi: Samira’s Henna Designs

Love Story Mehendi Designs!

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Sooooooo Pretty

Picture Courtesy: Jayshree Bridal Mehandi

Think of cute cute caricatures of your special moments like your proposal or first meeting drawn on your bridal mehendi!

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A Long Distance Love Story

Picture Courtesy: DelhiVelvet

You’ve survived the pains of a long distance love? Let your mehndi design speak of it through city skylines and special dates that mean everything to you both!

bridal mehendi designs

Mehendi designs that Tell Tales

Picture Courtesy: Henna by Divya

White Henna!

indian wedding blog


Picture Courtesy: Wedding Documentary

Whether you’re looking for something hatke to go with your pastel wedding outfit or just looking for a different style of henna for your sangeet or cocktail night, white henna is the perfect answer! 

bridal mehendi designs

Stunner in White

Picture Courtesy: WeddingNama, In Picture: Dee Ghose

Different yet stunning, white mehendi designs make a statement in itself! 

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Amp It Up with Pretty Stones

Picture Courtesy: Silvi Alestari Artwork

There’s something so beautiful about white henna that always manages to grab all attention, whether you’re the bride or her sassy teambride!

bridal mehendi designs

White Beauty

Picture Courtesy: Arora Mehndi

Stone Studded Mehendi Designs!

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Shine in Stones

Picture Courtesy: Avnish Dhoundiyal Photography

Crystals and stones are just another way to step up your mehendi game. 

bridal mehendi designs

Colour it up!

Picture Courtesy: Ravi Mistry

Any simple and delicate mehndi design, turns so much prettier by adding matching glitter and stones to it.

indian wedding blog

To Glitter & Stones

Picture Courtesy: Mount Park Photography, Mehendi: Manraj Henna

Tattoo Style Mehendi!

bridal mehendi designs

Flaunt the Blouse Back Mehendi

Picture Courtesy: Deep Joshi Gallery, Mehendi: Mehndi by Tanvi, Makeup: Aanalsavaliya

You’re more that tattoo flaunting chick than the traditional mehendi kind? Fret not! These supercool tattoo style mehendi designs are just your thing!

bridal mehendi designs

Let’s Welcome “Ankit ki Dulhaniya”

Picture Courtesy: Dipak Studios Photography

If nothing, go flaunt your bae’s name in style!

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Modish & Beautiful

Picture Courtesy: Tatiana Sachae, Mehendi: Color Me Rouge, In Picture: Alicia N

Or take it up a notch and flaunt this quirky floral blouse back mehendi design with wedding bells hanging!

indian wedding blog

Something Hatke!

Picture Courtesy: Being Darcy

Love the idea? Go bold & wow him with tattoo style thigh-high mehendi on your honeymoon!

Looking for Floral Jewellery or other Accessories Ideas to rock your Mehendi? Check this out!

Best Bridal Accessories – 10 beautiful things you CAN’T do without!

Minimalist Mehendi

bridal mehendi designs

Stay Simple. Stay Pretty.

Picture Courtesy: Brown Hue Mehendi

Adore everything traditional, but only till its minimal? Then here’s some super chic minimal mehndi ideas just for you!

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Drool Over 

Picture Courtesy: Henna by Dilna

These simple, quick and fuss-free mehendi designs work both for a bride or her bridetribe.

bridal mehendi designs

Love for Minimals

Picture Courtesy: SanaZiyah mehendi

Gorgeous Feet Mehendi Designs!

bridal mehendi designs

Mehendi – Alta Mix

Picture Courtesy: Swastik Hennacreations

We can’t talk about bridal mehendi designs, without checking out some ultimate feet mehndi designs, can we! 

indian wedding blog

Touch of Royalty

Picture Courtesy: Sunny Dhiman Photography

From beautiful “white henna-alta” designs to traditional elephant motifs and floral mehndi, almost everything works when it comes to prettifying your feet!

bridal mehendi designs

Intricate It Is!

Picture Courtesy: Portfolio Studio Weddings

You could go for a simple payal style mehendi design with every bride’s favourite lotus…

indian wedding blog

Beautiful in Lotus Motifs

Picture Courtesy: Clickture Studio

or choose an intricate traditional mehndi design that almost goes up to your knees!

bridal mehendi designs

Pretty Bridal Feet

Picture Courtesy: Dominikamiechowska Photography, Mehendi: Henna by Payal

Stunning Floral Bridal Mehendi designs!

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Gorgeous is the Word!

Picture Courtesy: Happy D Productions, Mehendi: TORAL

No matter what, flowers always work! But this trend of using the inverse mehendi technique with floral designs is what’s really stealing the show.

bridal mehendi designs

Love the Lotus Motifs

Picture Courtesy: Mehandi by Rashi

Whether its lotuses, roses or any other flowers you choose, the final effect and the photographs turn out amazing!

bridal mehendi designs

Roses and Vines

Picture Courtesy: Melle Designs

Chequered Mehendi

indian wedding blog

The Chequered Beauty

Picture Courtesy: Fizza’s Henna studio

Looking for fillers or elements to prettify your bridal mehendi? Nothing like a classic chequered mehendi design!

bridal mehendi designs

Amazing Detailings

Picture Courtesy: Henna by Maziah

From the usual criss-cross to ones with leaves and flowers and other styles of jaali thrown in, there’s no denying the appeal of those checks!

bridal mehendi designs

Cos Less is More!

Picture Courtesy: Henna by Dilna

See how this bride chose one type of checks for the back of her palms, a second type near her wrists and another style near her elbow – even mix ‘n match works great!

indian wedding blog

Pure Bridal Beauty

Picture Courtesy: The Wed Capture, Mehendi: Jayshree Bridal Mehandi

The return of the Mandala Design

bridal mehendi designs


Picture Courtesy: Henna by MK

It’s only fair to bring back the sooooo trending mandala art in our bridal mehendi designs, isn’t it!

indian wedding blog


Picture Courtesy: Lal Hatheli Henna

Front of palms or back, mandala design mehendi is something you can’t go wrong with!

bridal mehendi designs

Add Glitters to It

Picture Courtesy: Hiffyraja

We love how glitters and stones give this design a whole new look.

indian wedding blog

The Mandala Magic

Picture Courtesy: The Lightsmiths

Royal Mehendi Designs for Brides!

indian wedding blog

The Classic Bride & Groom Mehendi

Picture Courtesy: Bridal Mehndi Queen

The classic royal bride and groom mehendi design is an all time favourite and will never go out of style, really!

bridal mehendi designs

Traditional Elements

Picture Courtesy: Shade & Light Photography, Mehandi: Shilu Mehndi Art

Typically featuring kings, queens, elephants, horses, peacocks, palace arches and umbrellas, this style of mehendi is best served intricate!

bridal mehendi designs

Regal Vibes

Picture Courtesy: Henna by Pallavi

Stone studded and depicting scenes from a Mughal era manuscript, this intricate mehendi design is quite a stunner!

indian wedding blog


Picture Courtesy: Gnd Photos, Mehendi: Jaya Mehndi Artist

Symmetrical Mehendi Designs

indian wedding blog

Perfect Symmetry be Like!

Picture Courtesy: Henna by Pallavi

To do or not to do! Symmetrical mehendi designs on both hands is often a question many brides think about, so here’s some inspiration to get you going.

bridal mehendi designs


Picture Courtesy: Henna by Divya

Be it hands or feet, honestly, the symmetry just makes for better pictures. So if you love it, go for it!

Divine Mehendi Designs

indian wedding blog

Blessings of God

Picture Courtesy: Harins Mehndi

Even if you’re not very religious at heart, we bet you are in awe of this Radha-Krishna mehendi design!

bridal mehendi designs

A Love like Theirs

Picture Courtesy: Mehendi Art by Arpit

And if you believe in starting your new journey with the blessings of God, no one defines love better than Radhe-Krishna etched on your palms!

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Divine Beauty

Picture Courtesy: Oragraphy

Bird Love & Mehendi!

bridal mehendi designs

Old-world Charm

Picture Courtesy: Henna by Devaky S Dharan

Traditional or trendy, the peacock is undoubtedly the most popular when it comes to bridal mehendi designs!

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Sport the Symbol of Love

Picture Courtesy: Brown Hue Mehendi

And here’s this beautiful mehendi design with a dove – sending a message of love and peace to bae!

bridal mehendi designs

Love brids!

Picture Courtesy: Beginnings for You

Aren’t these the prettiest bridal mehendi designs ever! We told you we’ve selected the best of the lot for your D-Day. Save them and share with your besties now to make sure you all have the best mehendi designs in town 🙂

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