Beautiful Bridal Portrait Ideas that You'll Cherish FOREVER!

Beautiful Bridal portrait ideas that You’ll Cherish FOREVER!

Breathtaking bridal portraits are a must-have for any wedding album. Fret not, cos we’ve got you covered with the most stunning bridal portrait ideas – from the timeless to the trendy ones!

So, if you’re a bride-to-be looking for real bridal portrait ideas, dive into this blog RIGHT NOW cos we bet you won’t be disappointed!

Bridal Portrait Ideas – #1 Royalty Rules!

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Pretty and Poised

Picture Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

No Indian wedding is complete without a few royal princess shots – think poised and pretty and brimming with opulence.

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All Decked Up

Picture Courtesy: Dipak Studios Photography

It’s an art to capture the bride all decked up in her bridal finery. Look at this timeless portrait – frozen just before the BIG moment, when a myriad of emotions are playing on her mind!

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Too Royal To Capture

Picture Courtesy: Dream Diaries

A royal bridal portrait that never fails? The ultimate black and white bride shot – sophisticated and subtle! 

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Queeny Vibes

Picture Courtesy: Amrit Photography

And if you’re aiming for that rich and regal vibe, why not add a few royal accessories to your frame? Things like an antique mirror or a gold throne style seating, ornate vases, velvet curtains and carpets can work wonders! 

Black and White Bridal Portrait Ideas!

bridal portraits


Picture Courtesy: Morvi Images

We say YES to these stunning black and white bridal portraits! From the bride’s grand jewellery to her dramatic eye makeup and fine karigari of her dupatta, isn’t it beautiful how every details stands out <3

bridal portraits

Do It the Traditional Way

Picture Courtesy: Beginnings for You

Try a jewellery close-up in monochrome, a princess captured behind her delicate veil, or aim for an intense shot that almost takes you on a journey of your innermost feelings – these black and white bridal portrait ideas are a class apart!

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Picture Courtesy: Dream Diaries

Those Bride in a Veil Portraits!

bridal portraits


Picture Courtesy: Diipa Büller-Khosla

Talking about bridal portraits, you cant miss the classic bride-in-a-veil shot.

bridal portraits

Go Classic

Picture Courtesy: Studio Kelly Photography

This portrait works with most bridal outfits, from a gorgeous white gown with a veil to your red wedding lehengas with net dupatta. 

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Royalty at Its Height

Picture Courtesy: Amrit Photography

Aren’t you in looooovvee with the sheer drama and opulence of this shot!

indian wedding blog

Sheer Beauty

Picture Courtesy: Mohit Jaura Photography

Or try looking delicate and demure like this bride here, to let your veiled portrait ooze fairytale vibes!

Bridal Jewellery Close-up Shots!

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Gorgeous in Jewels

Picture Courtesy: Hitched & Clicked

To be honest, you’ll probably be decked up in the best of your jewellery on D day. So why not capture their glory in some gorgeous close-up portraits that’ll stay with you forever!

indian wedding blog

Such a Stunner

Picture Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

Don’t you love how this bride’s eyes glimmer right along her stunning jewellery! 

The Foodie Bride Shot!

indian wedding blog

Food Over Dude

Picture Courtesy: Rajesh Digital

Believe in ‘Food over Everything else’? Then these cutesy bridal portrait ideas are something you must check out!

indian wedding blog

Love for Chocolates

Picture Courtesy: Kirandeep Photography

The baraat can wait, why even the dulha can wait when its time for your fav food first :p 

indian wedding blog

Food Forever!

Picture Courtesy: Weddings by Manan, Makeup: Makeup by Sanam Jain

Brideswag & Bridal Portraits!

bridal portraits

When in Doubt, Just Pout!

Picture Courtesy: Ivory Tusk Events

If you’re the real sassy type, you simply can’t ignore getting some clicks that capture your ‘true’ self when it comes to your wedding album!

bridal portraits

Vrooming in

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Bucket

From this biker chick bride posing on her mean machine to the one below enjoying her cuppa before getting into ‘bride mode’ – there are tons of real bride portraits to get inspired by!

indian wedding blog

The Perfect Stress Buster

Picture Courtesy: Little Big Weddings

How cool is this bride chilling in her groom’s sherwani before she gets all dolled up! ✌🏻

bridal portraits

Such Swag

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Licious

TBH, we girls just wanna have some fun… so stop, and get these clicked right away! 

bridal portraits

Me the Bride

Picture Courtesy: ShabeerZyed Photography

The surreal Bride in a Bathtub shot!

indian wedding blog

Pure Regality

Picture Courtesy: Memoirs Photography, Makeup: Makeover by Indu

Honestly, nothing beats the “bride in bathtub” shot when it comes to badass brides!

bridal portraits


Picture Courtesy: Tuesday Lights

Put on your sexy charm and get that bridechilla mode captured bang on.

bridal portraits

Being Creative

Picture Courtesy: CoolBluez Photography

Twirling bridal Portrait Ideas!

indian wedding blog

That Regal Twirl

Picture Courtesy: Mehar Photography

Needless to say, no wedding album is complete without the quintessential twirling bride picture.

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Twirl Your Heart Out

Picture Courtesy: Tuesday Lights

From day shots in the garden to night shots with starry lights, from twirling solo to matching steps with your girl gang or twirling around with bae, there are plenty of ways to get this right.

bridal portraits

Happy Twirling

Picture Courtesy: Recall Pictures

Haldi Mayhem!

indian wedding blog

Haldi Happy

Picture Courtesy: Hollas Photography

Haldi is all about its fun and crazy vibes – so make sure your wedding photographer captures some haldi pictures worth framing!

indian wedding blog

Haldi Madness

Picture Courtesy: Fourfold Pictures

Prefer keeping it artsy and sophisticated? Check out how this bride here nails it!

bridal portraits

Dramatic Shot be Like!

Picture Courtesy: Mili Ghosh Diaries

Mehendi Magic

indian wedding blog

Mehendi Laga ke Rakhna

Picture Courtesy: Daas Films

Bridal mehendi undoubtedly holds a very special place in your wedding album. So why not get all decked up for some memorable clicks with your girls?

bridal portraits


Picture Courtesy: Vipul Sharma Photography

You can go experimental and opt for these unique peek-a-boo shots.

bridal portraits

Eyes that Speak

Picture Courtesy: JSK Photography Official

Or think out of the box and capture something like this – dramatic and dreamy at the same time!

bridal portraits

Soo Pretty

Picture Courtesy: The Wed Shades

Bridal Entry Portraits

indian wedding blog


Picture Courtesy: Shutterdown

On the D day, as you make your way to the mandap, there’s a thousand emotions in your mind and a million butterflies in your tummy! A portrait that captures this magical moment is a must have forever. 

bridal portraits

That Moment of First Glance

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Story

Don’t you love it how this picture frames the bride blushing as she tries to catch a ‘first glance’ of Mr.Groom! 

bridal portraits

On a Horseback

Picture Courtesy: iNav Photo

And ofcourse, if you’re planning a hatke bridal entry, don’t miss getting it captured in all its glory!

Bride and Bridesmaids Poses 

bridal portraits

Sister Love

Picture Courtesy: Hitched & Clicked

The special bond you share with your sister or your girlfriends is well worth capturing on your wedding day.

bridal portraits

Laugh It Out!

Picture Courtesy: Prashant Kumar Photography

Color code, dress code, pose and pout and go all out and get that perfect memory with your soul sisters.

bridal portraits

Beauties in One Frame

Picture Courtesy: Natasha

Parents and Bride Portrait Ideas

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Support System for LIFE!

Picture Courtesy: Juhi Godambe Jain

Amidst the wedding chaos and attending to guests, we often miss capturing memorable moments with our parents. 

Word of Advice – It’s a mistake you’ll regret forever!

indian wedding blog

Precious Moments Like This

Picture Courtesy: Shutterdown

A click with your mum as you get ready to become bride, or that overwhelming vidaai moment as you bid farewell are not to be missed at all.

indian wedding blog

Capturing Emotions

Picture Courtesy: Avnish Dhoundiyal Photography

Bride and her Pet Love!

indian wedding blog

Little Ball of Fur

Picture Courtesy: Rajesh Digital

They’re your life and you can’t imagine a moment without them! A priceless portrait with your poochie coo is a must do for your wedding album too.

indian wedding blog

To Endless Cuddles

Picture Courtesy: Jay Chugh Photography

From the two of you twinning and posing for the camera to hugging each other before you head out as a bride, take an inspiration from our real brides and create your pawwwdorable moment! 

bridal portraits

Cuteness Overloaded

Picture Courtesy: Mehlum S. Sadriwala

Looking for MORE POSES with your PET? Check These OUT!

Wedding Photography Ideas: Fab Must Have Clicks with your Pet!

No matter how stressed you are before your wedding vows, one hug with your first love can help you get over it! Just make sure your photographer knows how important this bond is to you 🙂

bridal portraits

Goodbye Kiss

Picture Courtesy: Wedding Bells Photography

Bride with Little Angels!

bridal portraits

The Cutest One Ever

Picture Courtesy: Studio Kelly Photography

Can you imagine your wedding album without some pictures with the li’l munchkins in your life?!

bridal portraits

Twinning and How!

Picture Courtesy: Shutterdown

Do the flying kiss pose or go twinning all the way to capture your bond, cos your cutesy nephews and nieces will soon be missing you as you settle into a new home.

Getting Ready Bridal Portraits

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Candids Be the Prettiest

Picture Courtesy: Wedding Bells Photography

Think candid getting ready moments – be it putting on your bridal jewellery or getting your makeup done, admiring your lehenga or wearing your payal!

Getting ready pose

Sexy is Back!

Picture Courtesy: Chiaroscuro

We can never get enough of these forever getting-ready bridal portraits and we bet you agree with us <3

Bride and Lehenga Pictures

bridal portraits


Picture Courtesy: Dotdusk

You have spent hours dreaming of, hunting for and finally selecting your perfect wedding lehenga. So when you get all dolled up in that beauty, make sure it is captured in all its glory!

indian wedding blog

Exquisitely Beautiful

Picture Courtesy: Amrit Photography

Oh the Beauty of a Bride & her Gown!

indian wedding blog

Dreamy Whites

Picture Courtesy: Safarsaga Films

No matter which part of the world we’ve grown up in, we’ve all dreamt of our Cinderella moment when the Prince Charming sweeps us off our feet… And then my dear, you’re dressed in the gown of your dreams!

bridal portraits

Like a Fairytale!

Picture Courtesy: Axarmina Photography

Your wedding gown or cocktail gown fulfills that fantasy, so it’ll be quite a shame to let it go without a classy portrait! 

bridal portraits


Picture Courtesy: Alfaaz Photography


Shop Cocktail gown

Wine Beauty!

Picture Courtesy: Julie Shah

Aren’t these some of the most gorgeous bridal portrait ideas ever! Now bookmark the ones you loved and share with your photographer RIGHT NOW to create a priceless wedding album! 

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