6 Months Bridal Beauty Countdown – To Look Kick Ass Stunning on Your D Day!

Beauty Prep

Six months to D-Day? Don’t lose your mind… Calm your veins and cling on to our 6 Months Bridal Beauty Countdown and you’re all set!

Bridal Beauty Countdown
Getting Picture Perfect!

Picture Courtesy: Girl In Pink Photography

Six Months to go…

Bridal Beauty Countdown #10 – Shape it Up!

Bridal Beauty Countdown
Fun Fitness!!!

Picture Courtesy: Photo Tantra

  • Start with shaping up your body, hit the problem areas first. All those pretty lehngas and cocktail dresses wont work a magic unless you’re in perfect shape!
  • Get started with your exercise and yoga routine to go from nice to ‘niiiiiiiiiiice!’
Bridal Beauty Countdown
Never too Late!

Picture Courtesy: Banga Studios

  • Switch to a healthy diet full of nutrition, greens, fruits and start avoiding those fried fast foods you keep snacking on!
  • Start drinking loads of water… and cut down on those soft drinks!

#9 – Hair Do!

Beauty Prep Picture Courtesy: Anita Dongre

  • Now is the perfect time to experiment with different hair colours and haircuts to discover what works best. If it works – great, if it doesn’t ditch it!
  • Always consult a dermatologist before you start popping in hair & skin vitamin supplements.

#8 – Book ’em Crazy!

Bridal Beauty Countdown
Glowing Beauty!

Picture Courtesy: Shades

  • Book your hair and make-up stylists now – all the best hair and makeup professionals get booked months in advance. And you really don’t want to get turned down for lack of dates later!
  • Most beauty professionals offer a bridal package with multiple events and trials included. So talk, reserach, read reviews and finalize your MUA now!

Need help finding the best? Ask us NOW!

3 Months to Go…

#7 – Hands on!

  • Your hands and feet will be in focus my dear lady – think ring ceremony and that auspicious sasural entry! Start with regular manicure and pedicure sessions to keep them soft, shiny and glowing.
Bridal Beauty Countdown
Holding Hands!

Picture Courtesy: Studio RDP

#6 – Tick it Off!

  • You’ve already finalized your Wedding outfits by now – so sit down and freeze your entire look, right from the hair-do to the accessories and nail colour!
Bridal Beauty Countdown
Blissful Beauty!

Picture Courtesy: ShutterDown

  • Most importantly, do your Hair and Makeup trials – ask your MUA to pick brands that work best for your skin and hair and start using these brands. If something gives you allergies or doesn’t quite work, you still have time! Don’t forget to click a picture – you don’t want surprises later!
Bridal Beauty Countdown
Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

Picture Courtesy: Shades

Wedding Day is Just a Month away!

Bridal Beauty Countdown
Pretty in Pink!

Picture Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project

#5 – Pearly Whites!

  • Most of your close-ups have one thing in common – your teeth. Visit a dentist and get teeth whitening done, pronto! Picture-perfect pearly whites are a must have.

#4 – Hair & Care!

Beauty Prep Picture Courtesy: Frozen In Time

  • Time for your final hair-cut and colour touch-ups – no experiments now!
  • Stick to your healthy diet, and avoid fried, oily foods to keep unwanted guests like acne away
  • Also, re-confirm your beauty appointments – VERY important!

One Week to your Wedding Day!

Take a deep breath and relax… your wedding functions are all going to start now!

#3 – Chill & Glow!

Bridal Beauty Countdown
‘WoW’ Mehndi Look!

Picture Courtesy: Morvi Images

  • Get rid of all unwanted hair – waxing, threading, poof!
  • Go for your final facial – and get some beauty sleep right there. Try to get yourself a nice relaxing full body massage session, to help ease the stress.
  • Remember to deep cleanse your face after each ceremony – you don’t want clogged pores, breakouts and pimples popping up!

Beauty Prep

Picture Courtesy: Fotowalle

Just a day to go, Beautiful Bride!

Bridal Beauty Countdown
Golden Bride!

Picture Courtesy: Bhumi and Simran

The time has come… But worry not, most things are already in place!

#2 – Down to the Basics!

Bridal Beauty Countdown
Gorgeous in Green!

Picture Courtesy: Photographs By Siddharth Sharma

  • Drink as much as water as you can for a hydrated, fresh, glowing look on your face!
  • Deep condition your hair with good old ‘oil’, it has to go through too much heat and chemicals tomorrow.
  • Take a long relaxing bath – we all know you have hustled too much this week!
  • Double check your ‘Emergency Beauty Kit’ to handle any last minute beauty worries and ask your favourite BFF to carry it for you! Must include –
    • Same shade of lip-stick you are going to wear
    • A wonderful body mist/perfume
    • Eye-liner
    • A cute little hand mirror
    • Hair pins & Safety pins

Your Wedding Day!!!

Bridal Beauty Countdown
Ready to Get Dolled Up!

Picture Courtesy: Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

Bridal Beauty Countdown
But 1st, My Coffee!

Picture Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

Yay, you made it alive and glowing to the big day!

Bridal Beauty Countdown #1 – Smile, Pout & Twirl!

  • All you have to do now is relax, the more you smile – the better you look!
  • Make sure you eat a good meal before settling yourself for a 3-4 hours makeup session.
  • Smile, pout, twirl & enjoy every moment of it!
Bridal Beauty Countdown
Living it Up!

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Story 

Cover Picture Courtesy: Shutterdown

Now that you’re armed with our Bridal Beauty Countdown, you can keep your worries aside & get from ‘Bridezilla’ to ‘Bridechilla’ in no time!

How are you going about with your beauty preps? Do share your beauty lists, secrets & favourites!

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