Wedding Checklist - Top Must Do's 10 days before D Day!

The 10 Day Wedding Checklist – For Every Bride’s Sanity!

10 days to go?  You’ll be left gasping for breath handling last minute details! Unless… Of course, you have our Ultimate 10 day wedding checklist in front of you!

The calendar will suddenly be in a rush to reach your wedding day… So Brides, mark this & go tick off!!!

Wedding Checklist #11 – Last Minute Cooking Tips!

wedding checklist

Cook it Up!

Picture Courtesy: Sankalp Khot

To avoid situations like this… Collect all those important cooking tips and recipes together in one neat binder!

wedding checklist

Baking Love!

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Of course, Youtube lessons and online recipes are always there, so do pack in a cute pair of aprons & mits to get down and dirty together! 😉

 Wedding Checklist #10 – Get Organised!

wedding checklist

Getting Organized!

Picture Courtesy: Emmyscribbles

Get your essential documents together, now if you haven’t done it yet!

Yes, you could always go back to your mom’s place to get them after your wedding. But you’ll soon need your travel papers and ID’s and credit cards and what not! And it’s better not getting stumped every time :p

Wedding Checklist

Organized Mess!

Picture Courtesy: Shaadi Squad

Wedding Checklist #9 – Sweet Honeymoon!

Wedding Checklist

Sweet Honeymoon!

Pic Courtesy:  icandydream

It’s his job, isn’t it? Not necessarily! It’s your honeymoon too and you really really want it to be as fairytale romantic as can be! 😍

wedding checklist

Lovely Surprises!

Picture Courtesy: Altair

It’s time to plan and book those special surprises for him at your hotel – its these cute little things that matter 😉

Wedding Checklist #8 – Groom’s Checklist!

Wedding Checklist

The Groom Checklist!

Picture Courtesy: Bombay Paparazzi

Yes, this has to be there on your wedding checklist too! Because… well, boys will be boys!😎

Right time to remind your other half  about picking the right footwear-handkerchief-socks-belt-jewelry-watch-pen-tie-headgear to go with his outfits.

Wedding Checklist

Abhishek & the Men Accessorized cooooool!

Picture Courtesy: sabyasachiofficial

And make sure that he has some smart woman (read sister or bhabhi) to check that everything’s perfect! Little accessories are farthest from the minds of men and they need help – Period

 Wedding Checklist #7 – Gifts & Favors

Wedding Checklist

Wedding Gifts & Favors!

Picture Courtesy: Atisuto Events

Make sure that all those wedding favors and gifts for your special ones – bridesmaids, guests, children et all – are in place. Packed, decorated and labeled perfectly for each occasion, guest room and person.🎁

wedding checklist

Say Thanks!

Picture Courtesy: Freixenet

It’s a mammoth task in itself, so if you’ve missed out something big – seek professional help. Remember, this is not the time for you to get down packing!

Wedding Checklist #6 – Shopping Receipts!

So you did all that wedding shopping and you’re left with receipts of stuff left to be collected later??😱

wedding checklist

Shopaholics anyone?!!

Picture Courtesy: @amangeraphotography

Its time to catch hold of one of your besties and hand over those bills so all those goodies starts pouring into your house and filling your suitcases from stores scattered around town!

P.S.  – She does deserve a special gift in return for this great life-saving favour!😍

Wedding Checklist Item #5 – Vanity Sanity!

Wedding Checklist

Vanity Sanity!

Picture Courtesy: Nidhi Kulkarni Photography

Gone are the days of vanity cases, but there’s so much going on in your make-up kit that you need to make sure you have all your favourite and regular stuff all set aside in a nice little box.

Indian Wedding Blog

Getting Ready Chic!

Picture Courtesy: Cool Bluez Photography

Everything that’s tried and tested must be in there. So you’re not left searching high and low for some shimmer or gloss that you need and has suddenly vanished from the face of the earth!😞

 Wedding Checklist #4 –  Confirm Beauty Appointments!

Wedding Checklist

Confirm Beauty Parlour Appointments!

Picture Courtesy: Fotobar

Check up on your beauty parlour dates and times for manicure, pedicure and hair spa appointments, mehendi, drapist!

Indian Wedding Blog

Mehendi Mania!

Picture Courtesy:Studio RDP

Wedding season is notorious for jam packed bridal sessions and you need someone to double check that your dates are registered all right. So get your bridesmaids to go ahead and make those calls!

Wedding Checklist #3 – Accessories line up!

Wedding Checklist

Accessories Line Up!

Picture Courtesy: ShutterDown Photography

Just the right time to check on and set aside the accessories you’re wearing with each outfit for all your wedding events and occasions lined up – before and after the wedding. Girls – puhleeez don’t forget those helpless ‘no-bridesmaids-around’ two days after your D day!

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So check on everything – hair accessories, make-up, lingerie, jewelry, purses, foot wear, and nail-polish shades.

Wedding Checklist #2 – Draw up your Timeline!

The insanity of the 100’s of wedding rituals is much reduced if you sit down with your mom-dad-fiance and finalize your own role in date-event-wise timeline of what is expected of you!

Wedding Checklist

Plan of Action!

Picture Courtesy: Design Tuk Tuk

Once you know what’s coming – it’ll give you that precious time to get prepared… and maybe sneak out for a little date time 😉

Wedding Checklist #1 – Make sure your Outfits fit right!

Indian Wedding Blog

Golden Glow!

Picture Courtesy: One Fine Day

All those diet changes, emotional up’s and down’s – can kick in anytime and make you lose or gain weight faster as the date gets closer!

Wedding Checklist

Pink Perfect!

Picture Courtesy:  Anushree Reddy

So that sexy gown that fit you perfectly a month back may need alterations – try it NOW to avoid surprises (and last minute safety pins shoved up your body!

Check & Mate!

Done? You’re good to go!✌

Of course there are many other little details that can fill up another 10 wedding checklists -but get done with these 10 and you’re on your way from bridezilla to bridechilla!

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